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Our Services

Our agency is based in Swansea, Massachusetts and our services are available to the cities and counties within and surrounding the area. AlphaCare Home Health Agency is able to coordinate home health care services for you and your family which can involve one or a number of the following:

  • Skilled Nursing Assessment
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • CHF/MI/Stroke care and education
  • Venipuncture/Lab Services with skilled nursing visits
  • Wound Care
  • Diabetic Care and Education
  • Medication Management
  • Case Management
  • Behavioral health nursing
  • Injections

Specialty Programs

AlphaCare Home Health Agency specializes in Diabetic Care management and behavioral health.

These programs provide home care clients with long term/chronic behavioral or physical health issues with education, ongoing support, and case management in the comfort of the client’s home with the following skills incorporated into the plan of care:

Case Management

The client is provided with a treatment team consisting of two nurses to provide day to day perspective based observation and assessment. Using this team model promotes continuity of care.

Facilitation of participation on plan of care

Nurses teach clients the importance of compliance with all medications, appointments, and treatments to avoid de-compensation, exacerbation of symptoms, and the increased risk for hospitalization. This includes assistance with scheduling of appointments, arranging transportation (please note we do not provide transportation), cueing on appointment days, assistance with filling medications, taking medications, recognizing medication side effects, understanding medication regimen, recognizing signs and symptoms of disease, gaining insight into disease process, and utilizing taught interventions and coping skills.


Skilled professionals teach clients to maximize independence at home and utilize all available supports. Teaching includes but is not limited to, client management of plan of care including scheduling of appointments, obtaining medications, communicating with providers, and utilizing taught intervention and prevention measures.

Medication Management

The primary nurse maintains contact with all prescribers, pharmacies, and ancillary services to ensure medication accuracy and compliance. Upon admission to agency or discharge from an inpatient stay, the primary nurse reconciles medications between different prescribers and inpatient facility. Nurses can also administer medications and insulin if the client demonstrates a need. Lockbox for safety can be provided if patient demonstrates a need.

We accept following Insurance Plans:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • BMC (Boston Medical Center)
  • Senior Whole Health
  • Fallon
  • Beacon Health
  • CCA (Commonwealth Care Alliance)
  • United Health
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